EUSR Water Hygiene

Course Title EUSR Water Hygiene

Accredited Training: EUSR

Intended Audience: Anyone working for a water company, the water network or on a Restricted Operations site is required to complete this training before starting work – even if you’re not in direct contact with water.

This includes direct employees as well as contractors, facilities management organisations, environmental health practitioners, plumbers and water engineers working in the following areas:

Service reservoirs Pumping stations Treatment works. Wells Springs Boreholes Water mains Service pipes

Entry requirements: Anyone taking this training is expected to have a good understanding of written and spoken English.

Course Aims: If you work in the UK water network, a clean water site or are in any way involved in handling water for human consumption, you are required to hold a National Water Hygiene EUSR registration. By successfully completing this half day training course, you will understand the vital role you play in protecting the public and ensuring a safe drinking water supply, whether you’re in direct contact with the water or not.

All UK water companies are involved in the National Water Hygiene Scheme, which was developed to ensure safe working practices across all areas of water hygiene. Carrying a ‘Blue Card’ demonstrates successful completion of the EUSR National Water Hygiene course, a thorough understanding of public health protection and competency in safe water hygiene.

Requalification Requirements: Your Virtual Blue Card will be valid for 3 years. After that you’ll need to book another training course to refresh your knowledge and re-take the EUSR assessment.

Course Content: This course is made up of four modules, after which you’ll be assessed via health screening and a multiple-choice test.

Module 1: The importance of water Module 2: Water as a carrier of disease Module 3: Potential contamination and its consequences Module 4: Preventing contamination.

The delegate will: On completion of this half-day training course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of:

• Why personal hygiene is important. • The Hygiene Code • Why water should be clean, clear and safe to drink. • Types of water contamination and disease • Simple hygiene procedures to reduce risk. • Cleaning and disinfecting tools • Legal requirements for those working in Restricted Operations • How to ensure the protection of public health

Course Assessment: EUSR is the Energy & Utilities Sector Register, providing nationally recognised skills and training qualifications.

Once you’ve worked through all four modules, you will take a multiple-choice exam and health-screening questionnaire.

On successful completion, your trainer will notify the EUSR, who will process your National Water Hygiene registration and issue your virtual Blue Card within 28 days.


½ Day

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