Quality Assurance Provision

Course Overview:

The need for companies to provide products and services of assured quality at minimum total cost has fueled growth in Quality related matters, particularly with regards to ISO 9000 and total Quality Management.
WS Training is able to offer a range of Quality Assurance courses which can be tailored to meet individual needs of companies, and held either in company or at our premises.

Course Content:
•    Introduction to Quality Assurance
      -   One half day programme intended for raising awareness of staff at all level of the need for Quality Assurance, and the principles by which Quality Assurance is achieved by organizations.
      -   Care is taken prior to the course that the examples and materials actually reflect the company’s own Quality Assurance requirements.
•    Internal Quality Auditing
      -   One/two days as required. A practical hands-on course designed to equip those attending with the necessary skills to carry out internal audits to ISO 9600. This has been run in-company and hands on is by guiding the trainee through on actual audit using the company’s own documentation. This leads to much focused training which has been well received.
•    Statistical Process Control (SPC)
      -   One/two days as required. A practical course outlining how SPC may be appropriately implemented in an organisation in order to provide a measurable improvement in outgoing product quality. SPC is best suited to where regular batches of components or assemblies are produced, or where a continuous process is carried out.
•    Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
      -   One/two days as required considering both design and process of FMEA. The design FMEA is intended to help product designers identify potential failure modes and their effects at the design stage in order to produce robust product designs which are safe in use. The process FMEA is intended to assist process designers, production engineers and industrial engineers to produce robust process designs which produce consistent quality product.
•    Quality Improvement
      -   The Quality Assurance standard ISO 9001 2000 has a clear focus on quality improvement in terms of effectiveness of the quality system and customer satisfaction. This one day programme will provide delegates with a clear understanding of quality improvement, and how to implement and maintain improvement with their organizations. It is principally aimed at staff who have a direct quality engineers or auditors, but could equally be aimed at any member of staff with an interest in quality improvement
•    Quality Tools and Techniques
      -   The quality assurance standard ISO 9001 2000 requires that organizations collect and analyse information to ensure that they are able to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. This requires that staff involved with the quality system at all levels have an understanding of the simpler quality tools and techniques, which are available to them, to enable them to spot problems or areas for improvement which might otherwise remain hidden. Examples of these tools include tally charts, pie diagrams, root cause analysis, and problem solving techniques. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice new skills through a mixture of individual and group exercises.

•    Other Courses
      -   For example ISO 9000 or Total Quality Management (T&M) are developed as a specific company requirement, and aim to reflect the actual requirements of the organizations in question.


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