Microsoft Outlook Introduction

Versions Available: 2007, 2010 and 2013

Course Overview:

By the end of the course you will be able to use the basic features in Outlook: manage E-mail, the Contact list and Appointments

Course Content:

The Fundamentals

·        Starting Outlook

·        Understanding the Outlook Program Screen

·        Understanding Items

·        Understanding the Message Window

·        Understanding the Ribbon

·        Using the Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar

·        Using the Navigation Pane

·        Viewing the To-Do Bar

·        Using Menus and Toolbars

·        Using Keyboard Commands

·        Using Help

·        Using the Reading Pane

·        Exiting Outlook

Composing and Sending E-mail

·        Composing and Sending an E mail Message

·        Specifying Message Options

·        Formatting Text

·        Checking your Spelling

·        Working with Hyperlinks

·        Attaching a File to a Message

Receiving E-mail

·        Receiving and Reading E-mail

·        Replying to and Forwarding a Message

·        Opening an Attachment

·        Flagging a Message for Follow-up

·        Using Colour Categories

·        Sorting Messages

·        Changing Views

·        Printing a Message

·        Deleting a Message

Advanced E-mail Features

·        Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)

·        Recalling a Message

·        Using the Out of Office Assistant

·        Inserting a Signature

·        Changing Message Format

·        Delaying Sending a Message

·        Dealing with Junk E-mail

·        Adding Addresses to the Safe and Blocked Senders List

·        Changing Outlook’s Security Settings

Working with Contacts

·        Adding a Contact

·        Adding a Sender’s E-mail Address to the Contacts List

·        Editing and Deleting Contacts

Using the Calendar

·        Viewing the Calendar

·        Scheduling Appointments and Events

·        Editing and Rescheduling Appointments and Events

Working with Tasks

·        Adding a Task

Working with Notes

·        Creating a Note

**Duration:  **One Day

Availability: Course only available on Customer Premises

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