AutoCAD Level 1 Training

This course is designed for the new user of AutoCAD. No previous CAD experience is necessary, however, drafting, design, or engineering experience is a plus. A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows is required. Suitable for those who have basic knowledge of the operation and use Windows 95, 98 & 2000 or NT


The primary objective of this course is to teach the student the basic commands necessary for professional 2D drawing, design, and drafting using AutoCAD.

Upon completion of the course, the student will:

  • Become familiar with the AutoCAD user interface
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and features of AutoCAD
  • Use the precision drafting tools in AutoCAD to develop accurate technical drawings
  • Present drawings in a detailed and visually impressive manner
  • Develop a level of comfort and confidence with AutoCAD through hands-on experience

Course Content:

  • Creating a 2D drawing
  • Creating drawing templates
  • Display commands
  • Drawing lines
  • Absolute & relative co-ordinates
  • Units and angles
  • Polar co-ordinates
  • Direct distance entry
  • Rectangles, polygons, circles, arcs
  • Polylines, points, measure, divide
  • Object snaps
  • User co-ordinate system
  • Polar tracking
  • Donuts, ellipses, construction lines
  • Splines
  • Exercises
  • Extracting data information
  • List, measure, areas, time
  • Editing objects
  • Annotating drawings
  • Dimensioning a drawing
  • Radial & diameter dimensions
  • Leader lines, centre marks
  • Creating industry
  • Standard dimension styles
  • Geometric tolerance
  • Managing content
  • Plotting
  • What’s next


Three Days

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