Ladder Safety

Working Safely Using Ladders

Course Aims:

The course provides an awareness of the safety aspects, safe use of and storage of ladders. It ensures that all employees are aware of, and are complying with, the Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulations and the company’s safety policy.  All personnel who are either required to use ladders themselves or to supervise others in the use of ladders, need to be trained to use them safely.

On completion of the training the candidate will be able to identify ladder faults and erect and work safely on various types of ladders in accordance with the Occupational Health Act and Regulations.

Course Objectives:

  • Brief over view of ‘working at height’
  • Identification of various types of ladders
  • Correct Handling
  • Storage procedures
  • Practical inspections
  • Fault identification
  • Safe working practices
  • Various working locations
  • Reduction of risks to operators in fall from heights
  • Use of necessary safety equipment required to reduce risk
  • All ladders including step ladders
  • Inspection of safety equipment
  • Setting up and use of safety equipment & PPE.


One day

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