Understanding Assertive Behaviour

Course Overview:

This highly practical course will offer delegates support in a safe situation to discuss their particular areas of concern.   We will assist them acquire skills that will enable them to deal with situations with the confidence that it will not damage the relationship.

Course Objectives:

•    Acquired an understanding of different behaviours.
•    Identified personal areas of concern to being assertive
•    Practised assertive techniques in a variety of settings
•    Gained confidence when dealing with challenging situations
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Introduction
•    What is assertive behaviour?
•    Define different behaviour patterns in oneself and others e.g. aggressive /passive.
•    Barriers to acting more assertively
•    How you may be perceived.
•    Deciding what you want and how to get it.
•    Keep control
•    Handling conflict


One Day

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