Stress Management

Course Overview:

The aims of this course are simple; to help you to identify the symptoms of stress, to understand some of the potential causes of stress and to look at a few of the many ways that there is of helping people to manage stressful situations in their lives, especially the workplace.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to;

•    Define ‘STRESS’ (both positive and negative)

•    Offer good example of the types of situations that are ‘stressful’

•    List the ways that people and teams are affected by stress

•    Describe how managing time can reduce your stress

•    Establish ways to say ‘NO’ to people – being a little more assertive

•    Talk about a positive lifestyle

•    Think more about adding ‘unwind time’ to your day

•    Write a simple ‘stress’ action plan that you are prepared to work with

Duration: Half Day

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