Managing the Organisational 'Dealing with Aggression' Policy

Course Overview:

This course is aimed at the manager and team leaders of the front line staff, this will enable them to understand the organizational policy and procedures and translate these to the real situations in the workplace. We will also look at the repercussions to their team member and the organization from dealing with an incident.

Course Objectives:

•    Understand the organisational policy and procedures on violence in the workplace
•    Identified the key legal issues, relevant health and safety policies & their role
•    Defined violence in the workplace
•    Identified potential risks and learnt how to prevent them
•    Understood how & why incidents should be reported
•    Identified the need for post incident action
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Defining violence in the workplace
•    Company policy on violence in the workplace
•    The managers’ role and responsibilities under Health and Safety in relation to violence in  the workplace
•    Identifying areas of potential risk and how to prevent them occurring
•    Gathering intelligence on potentially problem people
•    Action to be taken by managers if violent situations occur
•    When police and outside agencies should be involved
•    Incident logging and reporting procedures
•    Post incident support
•    Suggestions for improving the service


One Day

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