How to Make More of Your Appraisal

Course Content:


•    Workshop Content
    •    Staff expectations
    •    Manager expectations

Why do we carry out appraisals?

•    The link between appraisals and performance
   •    The benefits and the difficulties

Preparing for your appraisal

•    What do you need to consider?
    •    Document review
    •    Contributing to the appraisal agenda
    •    Highlights of the year
    •    Your development needs
    •    Your personal agenda
    •    Questions to be asked
    •    Your personal objectives
    •    Your career aspirations
    •    Your strengths and weaknesses
    •    Giving feedback to your boss

The appraisal

•    Your interpersonal skills
    •    Interactive listening
    •    Responding to questions
    •    Summarising your understanding
    •    Your action plan

Interim reviews

•    The process
    •    Your preparation
    •    Managing the outcomes**

One day

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