Handling Aggression & Dealing with Abusive Behaviour

Course Overview:

One of the problems facing employees who deal with the public is having to deal with aggressive customers. Although abuse and violence are really quite rare they do occur, this course will provide delegates with tools and techniques to deal effectively with a variety of aggressive situations.

Course Objectives:

•    Increased their awareness of the  organisational policy and procedures on violence in the workplace
•    Identified the key legal issues and relevant health & safety policies
•    Identified causes of violence and learnt how to recognise warning signals
•    Identified the communication skills and behaviour which can defuse aggression
•    Practised dealing with challenging behaviour
•    Become more confident about dealing with violent and aggressive behaviour
•    Understood why incidents should be reported
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Introduction
•    Legal overview
•    What is aggression?
•    Recognition
•    Listening skills
•    Handling aggression
•    Avoiding violence
•    Dealing with abuse
•    After an incident
•    Developed a personal action plan of action


One Day

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