Project Management - Remote Training

This course will be delivered remotely

Course Overview:

This workshop is designed for existing Project Managers or those taking up Project Management or Project Team Leadership responsibilities. It is NOT intended for Project Team members that need to be project management software literate. The course considers the commercial constraints and opportunities open to an organisation, and concentrates on how typical project management tasks should be carried out with the help of software such as Microsoft Project. Over the two days, delegates will practice the skills of project management, learning the techniques through group discussions, exercises and the use of Microsoft Project. Delegates will create a project using Microsoft Project from the planning phase through to completion and monitoring progress throughout.

Course Objectives:

·         Optimum ways of managing projects

·         Work breakdown structures and sub-projects

·         Dependencies and Constraints

·         Setting Milestones and keeping to Deadlines

·         Tools and techniques (e.g. Critical Path Method (CPM), Gantt charts and project life cycles)

·         Managing Resources

·         The stages of the project life cycle

·         Using Microsoft Project to plan, manage and report

Course Content:

·        Planning projects in a realistic and flexible way

·        Breaking down projects into manageable bits

·        Easy-to-understand ways of representing projects

·        How to minimise risk

·        Understanding and managing the resource issues that may arise

·        Using Microsoft Project for planning

·        Using Microsoft Project for controlling resources and costs

·        Using Microsoft Project to report the project using various formats

·        Tracking and managing progress with Microsoft Project

·        Techniques on reporting back on project progress

·        Communicating with the project team


One day

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