An Introduction to Management Practices

Course Title: Introduction to Management Practices

Course Overview:

This course is designed for new managers to equip themselves with skills, knowledge and competencies required for today’s performance managers. This course is also ideal for existing managers who have had little or no formal training.

Course Objectives:

• The key traits of a successful manager • The key element of a manager’s role • An understanding of management styles • The role of management within a larger organisational structure • The importance of agreeing and monitoring objectives • Effective communication skills • A structural approach to delegation for best results

Course Content:

• The managers role

  • What are the important factors that a manager performs
  • Taking a step back and thinking about the tasks, teams and individuals
  • Understanding your own management style and considering areas for development • Achieving results through people
  • Planning the group’s work and analysing the internal and external factors which may influence success
  • Identifying goals, and managing performance through effective individual objectives setting and review • Motivation
  • Understanding and recognising the motivations of individuals and harnessing these for achievement of results
  • Understanding the importance of boosting ‘satisfiers’ whilst eliminating the potential damage of ‘hygiene’ factors • Delegation
  • A structural approach to delegation following a five point process, considering what should be delegated and to whom
  • Avoiding common pitfalls of poor delegation • Communication
  • How should managers communicate
  • The importance of delivering positive and negative feedback • Action Planning
  • An opportunity to think about the lessons of the course and how they may be applied practically in the workplace
  • How can managers adapt, and what will they do differently?

**Duration: **

Two Days

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