Introduction to Environmental Auditing

Course Overview: This one-day course is designed to raise environmental awareness and provide an understanding of the environmental audit process. The course relies heavily on real life examples and relates the findings of hands on experience in the workplace.

Course Content:


  • What is the environment?
  • What is environmental auditing?
  • What is pollution?
  • Why prevent environmental pollution?

Environmental impacts from pollution

  • Sources of pollution
  • Pathways of pollution
  • Receptors of pollution
  • Case studies

Types of Environmental Auditing

  • Due diligence auditing
  • Environmental management system auditing
  • Compliance auditing

General principles for environmental auditing

  • Internal standards
  • Definitions
  • Requirements
  • Objectives and scope
  • Objectivity, independence and competence
  • Due professional care
  • Systematic procedures
  • Criteria evidence and findings
  • Reliability of audit findings and audit conclusions

Procedures for environmental auditing

  • Audit objectives
  • Roles, responsibilities and activities
  • Initiating the audit
  • Preparing the audit
  • Conducting the audit

Environmental audit protocol

  • This section will look at examples of audit protocols and discuss their contents and their implementation

Environmental audit report

  • This section will take anonymous audit reports and discuss the information recorded within them

Audit recommendations and follow up


Duration: One Day

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