Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Course Overview:

This one day course has been designed for existing users who wish to increase their Excel skill level. By the end of the course, you will be confident in going beyond the basic features in Excel.

Course Content:

Review of the Basics

· Formula and Function Construction

· Shortcuts

· Navigation and Selection

Creating and Working with Charts

· Creating a Chart

· Resizing and Moving a Chart

· Changing Chart Type

· Applying Built-in Chart Layouts and Styles

· Working with Chart Labels

· Working with Chart Axes

· Working with Chart Backgrounds

· Formatting Chart Elements

· Changing a Chart’s Source Data

· Using Chart Templates

Managing Workbooks

· Viewing a Workbook

· Working with the Workbook Window

· Splitting and Freezing a Workbook Window

· Selecting Worksheets in a Workbook

· Inserting and Deleting Worksheets

· Renaming, Moving and Copying Worksheets

· Working with Multiple Workbooks

· Linking between Sheets and Workbooks

· Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets and Windows

· Protecting a Workbook

· Protecting Worksheets and Worksheet Elements

· Sharing a Workbook

· Creating a Template

Working with Page Layout and Printing

· Creating Headers and Footers

· Using Page Breaks

· Adjusting Margins and Orientation

· Adjusting Size and Scale

· Adding Print Titles, Gridlines and Headings

· Advanced Printing Options

More Functions and Formulas

· Formulas with Multiple Operators

· Logical Formulae – Introduction to Simple IF statements

· Lookup Formulae – Introduction to VLOOKUP Function

· Inserting and Editing a Function

· Defining Names

· Using and Managing Defined Names

· Working with Data Ranges

· Sorting by One Column

· Sorting by Colours or Icons

· Sorting by Multiple Columns

· Sorting by a Custom List

· Filtering Data

· Creating a Custom AutoFilter

· Using an Advanced Filter

Working with Lists

· Creating a List/Table

· Working with Table Size

· Working with the Total Row

· Working with Table Data

· Using the Data Form

· Using Table Styles

· Using Table Style Options

· Creating and Deleting Custom Table Styles

· Convert or Delete a Table

Duration: One day

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