Using Social Media for Business

Why, When, Where, What and How to Use Social Media for Business

Course Overview:

This course takes a look at the world of social media and provides delegates with the information they need to develop a social media strategy for their business so they can make sure they are reaching the right audiences and using their time wisely.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of why they need to bother with social media
  • Know which are the best Social Media platforms are for their business
  • Discover where they should spend their time on social media
  • Learn what should they should say and how to say it
  • Find out when are the best times for them to post content
  • Learn how to build your list/database and measure results
  • Find out the mistakes to avoid

Course Content:

  • The new Marketing Mix
  • Understanding your Social Media Goals
  • Branding and Social Media
  • Social Media Platforms and their demographics
  • Choosing the right hashtags and increasing your followers on Instagram.
  • Winging it with Twitter
  • Facing up to Facebook for business
  • Pinning with Pinterest
  • Joining the links with LinkedIn
  • Measuring Results

Duration: One Day

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