Introduction to Project Management

Course Overview:

Effective project planning can be easily achieved by following a few simple rules and spending a little time in the early days creating a plan about how you are going to come in on time and on budget. This interactive and relaxed class will give you the skills to communicate effectively, manage the tasks and help you deal with any problems along the way.

Course Objectives:

To give the attendee the skills to manage small to medium sized projects, considering how to plan a project, keeping it on track, and how to communicate effectively.

Course Content:

  • Scoping a Project
  • Creating a Project Plan / Creating Smart Objectives
  • Time lining and Benchmarking
  • Effective Communication in Projects
  • Project Costing / Stakeholder Identification
  • Delegating responsibility / team dynamics
  • Closing off a Project

**Duration: **

One Day

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