Supported Learning

A holistic approach to Inspire, challenge, and develop young people

What is Supported Learning?

Our supported learning programme is for young people aged 16-24 with Special educational Needs. We provide a holistic approach in our delivery to support young people to grow as individuals, develop aspirations for the future and strategies to achieve progression towards long term goals.

Our programme includes:

  • Vocational skills Development
  • Employability
  • Enterprise
  • Maths and English
  • Work Experience
  • Wider Skills Development

Entry Requirements
Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP), statement of Needs or evidence of significant barriers to learning.

Attendance-3 days per week (36 week programme over the course of the academic year)

How to apply?

For further information or to arrange a visit contact us on 01473 220230, visit our Facebook page WS Training Supported Learning Centre@wstrainingcentral or email Alternatively fill out the application from, email to and we will get back to you.

Financial support whilst studying

If you’re on a low household income or are in care or supporting yourself you can apply to get financial help through our bursary scheme. Bursary is money that you, or your education or training provider, can use to pay for things like:

  • Clothing, books and other equipment for your course
  • Transport and lunch on days you study or train
Ask our team about this by contacting 01473 220230

What can you expect?

As a learner at WS Training you will do your best to

  • Attend WS Training regularly and on time
  • Be on time for lessons and ready to learn
  • Work to the best of my ability at all times
  • Show respect for others both in and out of WS Training
  • Respect the learning environment and the local community
  • Have a positive attitude towards, and participate fully in, the life at WS Training
  • Help to keep other learners safe by avoiding any bullying behaviour and reporting any bullying incidents
  • Follow WS Training Behaviour Policy and co-operate with members of staff
At WS Training we will do our best to
  • Provide a carefully planned curriculum matched to the needs of your child, along with a variety of enrichment activities
  • Keep parents and carers informed about the work planned for each term
  • Provide a supportive, secure and caring environment in which your child can achieve their potential
  • Arrange parent meetings to discuss academic progress and provide written progress reports each term
  • Provide clear expectations of behaviour as set out in our behaviour policy
  • Listen to and respond quickly to any concerns learners, parents and carers may have

Would you like...

  • enhance your Maths and English skills?
  • gain work experience?
  • develop your wider skills?
  • ...opportunities to take part in
    enrichment and enterprise activities?
If your answer is yes to more than
one of the above get in touch!

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