First Aid validity. requalification & refresher training

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At WS Training, we often get asked for advice on First Aid certificate expiry dates. Here’s an extract from the HSE guidance on regulations to help:

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Certificate validity, requalification and refresher training

74 All first-aid training certificates, whether First Aid at Wrk (FAW), Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) or some other appropriate training, are valid for three years. Employers need to arrange retraining before certificates expire. The FAW requalification course lasts two days and should cover the same content as the initial FAW course (Appendix 5). If the first-aider does not retrain or requalify before the expiry date on their current certificate they are no longer considered competent to act as a first-aider in the workplace. They can requalify at any time after the expiry date by undertaking the two-day requalification course. However, it may be prudent to complete the three-day FAW course, especially where a considerable period – ie in excess of one month – has elapsed since the FAW certificate expired. It is for the employer to decide the most appropriate training course to requalify the first-aider. An EFAW requalification course should be of the same duration and content (Appendix 6) as the initial EFAW course.

75 HSE strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake annual refresher training during any three-year FAW/EFAW certification period. Although not mandatory, this will help qualified first-aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up-to-date with any changes to first-aid procedures. Appendix 7 contains suggested course content for annual refresher training, although HSE does not specify the design of these courses.

76 Employers should also encourage first-aiders to regularly review their course manual and any other instructional materials and allocate them time to do this. It will further help to maintain their first-aid skills.

77 Employers should keep a record of first-aiders and certification dates to help with the timely arrangement of further training.

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