Production of Streetworks cards

March 2021 update – Card Exemption

SWQR are continuing to work on the back log of card printing since production stopped during all lockdowns. Here is a reminder of the bulletin issued by SWQR.

Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 005.6: Training & Accreditation

Dear Colleagues,

Following the publication of the government route map for exiting lockdown, and the proposed easing of restrictions, we recognise that difficulties will continue for Street Works Operatives and Supervisors in renewing their cards owing to the reduced capacity of assessment centres and other parts of the street works accreditation system, as a result of Covid-19.

SWQR have shared the following with the HAUC community;

March 2021 update – Card Exemption In conjunction with the key stakeholders who regulate and administer the Street Works scheme, the following statement has been agreed to advise Street Works Operatives and Supervisors:

The ‘exemption’ from the card enforcement policy will be further extended until 30 September 2021, this extension recognises that there may be some delay in centres becoming operational and offering the range of Street Works Units and qualifications. Card Enforcement Officers will exercise a degree of leniency, as it is recognised that works must continue, but that card holders may be unable to renew their cards due to Assessment Centres being closed. This means that you will be able to continue to work if your card has expired since March 2020.

For Operatives or Supervisors whose cards have expired since March 2020, or are due to expire before 30 September 2021, and have been unable to Re-assess due to the COVID restrictions, you must Re-assess at the earliest opportunity, please bear in mind that your card is valid for 5 years, and can be Re-assessed up to 5 years after the card expiry date. For Operatives and Supervisors who hold Re-registration cards, please continue to submit your applications as usual, as there is no requirement to attend an Assessment Centre you can apply to renew your card through the normal process.

if you are unable to attend a centre near you which has closed under the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, please contact the Awarding Organisations that supplied your Certificate.

However, it remains essential that street works do not stop entirely, and some cards will lapse, or replacement cards may not be available through no fault of the holders. We are therefore writing regarding card enforcement policy to ask that street authorities bear this in mind up until 30 September 2021.

Please remember that competent staff are essential to safe sites and this advice does not mean that the requirements for qualified staff on sites has been waived. They should still be able to evidence their card even if it has expired or not been replaced within the terms of this advice.

Best Regards Peter Loft and David Latham Joint Chairs HAUC England Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK, RAUC Scotland & DCMS.

For the full update please visit the SWQR website

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