Commercial Delegate Feedback - July 2019

Delegate Feedback July 2019

What I liked most about the course:

• I learnt a lot of interesting information, that I will be able to use in the workplace.

• I learnt lots of new tips and tricks which will help me loads.

• The course content was very helpful, it was a great course with a great instructor, would recommend!

• The course was relaxed, an informal approach but a very informative course, I learnt a lot.

• The course was very useful and what I expected plus more.

• The information given, it can be applied to my workplace, overall informative and practical, a very good course, excellent, I definitely would recommend this to others!

• The trainer did a great job, he met my individual needs and capabilities.

• The trainer was great, I learnt a lot that I didn’t know before, thanks for a great course!

• The trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject and answered all questions I asked.

• The tutor was very helpful and approachable, he made it easier to learn and understand.

• Trainer was really helpful, not too quick, he made it relevant and it was very detailed, I highly recommend.

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