Driver CPC- Drivers’ Hours - Remote Training

This course will be delivered remotely.

Aim: Teach candidates the rules and regulations surrounding Drivers’ Hours

Objectives: Candidates will be able to:

• Discuss your responsibilities regarding Drivers’ Hours • Recall EU Drivers Hours Rules • Discuss the rules concerning daily and weekly rest periods • Discuss the Working Time Directive within the context of your daily work • Recall the rules surrounding record keeping • Discuss the sanctions that can be taken against drivers and their operators for drivers’ hours infringements

This course will cover topics that include:

Establishing which rules apply, EU and Domestic Regulations, Road Transport Working Time Directive, Record Keeping, Enforcement and Penalties, Improper use of the tachograph (recording equipment)

Practical elements include: Calculating Drivers’ Hours, Developing Strategies to Remain Compliant

Duration: 3.5 hours

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