Microsoft Publisher

Course Overview:

Those who need to prepare documents with varying layouts and those who have never used the software package in any great depth

Course Content:

Introduction to Microsoft Publisher
•    Publisher catalog screen
•    Elements of Publisher Screen
Creating a publication
•    Creating a blank Publication
•    Setting up a printer
•    Setting working preferences
•    Setting the page layout
•    Using Zoom
•    Introducing objects and frames
•    The Objects Toolbar
•    Creating a Frame
•    Working with Text Frames
•    Flowing text into frames
•    Importing text files
•    Undo and Redo
Working with Text
•    Copying, moving and deleting text
•    Changing text fonts
•    Text Alignment
•    Formatting text
•    Line spacing and paragraph spacing
•    Using BorderArt
•    Creating reversed out text
•    Rotating Text
•    Checking for spelling mistakes
Creating multi-page publications
•    Inserting new pages
•    The Insertion Point
•    Modifying a Table
•    Merging and Splitting Cells
•    Table Borders
•    Navigating between pages
•    Copying a page
•    Flowing text across pages
Working with Graphic Objects
•    Importing Images
•    Using the Clip Art Gallery
•    Resizing, Cropping, Recolouring and Rotating a picture
•    Centering objects on a page
Using the drawing tools
•    Creating Tables
Working with the background page
•    Headers and Footers
•    Adding Page Numbers
Publication Wizards
•    Creating a Publication by Wizard
Printing Publications
•    Changing a page layout
•    Printing a publication

Duration: One day

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