Microsoft Project Introduction

Versions Available: 2007, 2010 and 2013

Course Overview:

This course covers the basics of Microsoft Project and gets delegates to the point where they can create and begin to track a Project.

Course Objective:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to use Microsoft Project as the tool for them and their team

Course Content:

Fundamentals of Project Management

·        The Project Interface

·        The Backstage View

·        Review of terms e.g. Gantt Chart, task, critical path, and resource.

·        Starting a Project

·        Setting the Base Calendar/Working Hours

·        Using a Template


·        Outlining Tasks (indent and outdent)

·        Collapsing and Expanding the Outline

·        Adjusting Outline Options


·        Creating Individual Resource Calendars

·        Creating Group Calendars

·        Assigning a New Base Calendar


·        Task Mode

·        Entering Tasks/Milestones and Recurring Tasks

·        Entering Durations

·        Filtering Tasks

Adjusting Tasks

·        Task Linking and Unlinking

·        Task Relationships

·        Lag and Lead-Time

·        Constraints and Deadlines

Critical Path

·        Viewing the Critical Path

·        Viewing Slack Time

·        Shortening the Critical Path


·        Changing Views and View Scale

·        Combination Views

·        Formatting Bars, Text and Gridlines

·        Printing a View


·        Creating a Resource List

·        Assigning Work Resources

·        Assigning Material Resources

·        Changing Task Types

Adjusting Resources

·        Resolving Over Allocation

·        Levelling Resources

·        Setting Task Priorities


·        Entering Standard, Overtime and Cost per use rates

·        Create a Resource Rate Table

·        Assign Fixed Task and Fixed Material Costs

·        Viewing Costs

Baselines & Tracking Progress

·        Creating a Baseline

·        Viewing the Tracking Gantt

·        Recording Actual work performed


·        Reports

·        Visual Reports

Duration: One Day

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