Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Versions Available: 2007, 2010 and 2013

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide attendees with a further understanding of managing PowerPoint presentations.

Course Content:

Working with Tables

·        Creating a Table

·        Working with a Table

·        Adjusting Column Width and Row Height

·        Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

·        Merging and Splitting Cells

·        Working with Borders and Shading

·        Applying a Table Style

Custom Animation Effects

·        Applying a Custom Animation Effect

·        Modifying Animation Effects

·        Previewing a Transition or Animation Effect

Working with Other Programs

·        Collaborating with Excel

·        Collaborating with Word

·        Modifying Embedded or Linked Content

·        Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

·        Importing and Exporting an Outline

Customising PowerPoint

·        Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

·        Using and Customizing AutoCorrect

·        Changing PowerPoint’s Default Options

·        Converting an Older Presentation to PowerPoint

·        Recovering Your Presentations

Working with Multimedia

·        Inserting Sounds

·        Inserting a CD Track

·        Inserting a Movie Clip

·        Narrating a Presentation

·        Using Action Buttons and Hyperlinks

Finalizing a Presentation

·        Setting Up a Slide Show

·        Rehearsing Slide Show Timings

·        Adding Comments to a Slide

·        Hiding a Slide

·        Marking a Presentation as Final

·        Using the Pen and Making Annotations

·        Creating a Presentation that Runs by Itself

·        Using Presenter View

·        Working with Multiple Presentations

·        Creating a Custom Show

Collaborating with Others

·        Using the Document Inspector

·        Using the Compatibility Checker

·        Packaging a Presentation

·        Saving a Presentation as PDF or XPS

·        Saving a Presentation as a Web Page

·        Password Protecting a Presentation

·        Publishing a Presentation to a Document Workspace

Duration: One day

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