Microsoft Outlook Advanced

Versions Available: 2007, 2010 and 2013

Course Overview:

By the end of the course you will be able to use the basic features in Outlook: manage E-mail, the Contact list and Appointments

Course Content:

Advanced E-mail Features

·        Using Stationery and Themes

·        Changing Message Format

·        Delaying Sending a Message

·        Adding Addresses to the Safe and Blocked Senders List

·        Changing Outlook’s Security Settings

·        Flagging a Message for Follow-up

·        Using Colour Categories

·        Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)

·        Recalling a Message

Working with Contacts

·        Changing Contact Views

·        Finding and Organizing Contacts

·        Printing the Contacts List

·        Working with Distribution Lists

Using the Calendar

·        Editing and Rescheduling Appointments and Events

·        Working with Meeting Requests

·        Working with Group Schedules

·        Setting and Publishing Free/Busy Appointment Time

·        Colour-coding Calendar Items

·        Viewing Calendar Items

·        Arranging Calendar Items

·        Setting Reminders

·        Configuring Calendar Options

·        Printing the Calendar

Working with Tasks

·        Attaching an Item to a Task

·        Assigning a Task

·        Printing a Task

·        Completing a Task

Using the Journal and Notes

·        Displaying the Journal

·        Creating a Journal Entry Manually

·        Creating a Journal Entry Automatically

·        Relating a Journal Entry to a Contact

·        Opening, Modifying, and Deleting a Journal Entry

·        Changing Journal Views

·        Working with Notes

Organizing and Finding Information

·        Using Instant Search

·        Refining Instant Search

·        Exploring the Folder List

·        Creating and Using Folders

·        Managing Folders

·        Creating and Using Search Folders

·        Creating a Rule with the Rules Wizard

·        Managing Rules

·        Using Advanced Find

·        Sorting and Grouping Information

·        Filtering Information

·        Colour-coding E-mail Messages

Collaborating with Other Users

·        Opening Shared Calendars

·        Sharing Your Calendar

·        Sharing Outlook Folders

·        Giving Delegate Permissions

·        Working with Public Folders

·        Taking and Tracking a Vote

·        Publishing Your Calendar on the Internet

Managing Outlook Data

·        Manually Archiving and Retrieving Information

·        Using Auto Archive

·        Importing Information

·        Exporting Information

Duration: One Day

Availability: Course only available on Customer Premises

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