AutoCAD Level 3 Training

Course Overview:

Those who have AutoCAD Level 1 & Level 2 (Optional). This course introduces users who are proficient with AutoCAD 2D to the concepts and methods of 3D solid modelling within AutoCAD.

Course Content:

Stepping up to 3D

  • 3D Wire frame
  • Lines with Thickness
  • 3D Face
  • 3D Solids

Navigating 3D Space

  • Views Toolbar
  • Shade Toolbar
  • 3D Orbit

Creating Standard 3D Solids

  • Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Wedge, Torus

Display Settings

  • Isolines
  • Dispsilh
  • Facetres
  • Hide Options

Creating Custom 3D Shapes

  • Extrude
  • Revolve
  • Fillet
  • Chamfer
  • The UCS
  • UCS Display
  • Rotate 3D

Creating More Complex Solids

  • Union, Subtract, Intersection

Solids Editing

  • Extrude Face, Move Face, Offset Face, Delete Face, Rotate Face, Taper Face, Copy Face, Colour Face, Copy Edge, Colour Edge, Imprint, Clean, Separate, Shell, Check

Final Output

  • Model Space, Paper Space, Viewports, Plotting, Clipping Planes, Materials, Render Overview

Duration: Two Days

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