Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessor Training

Course Overview:

The training is designed for anyone in the workforce who will be risk assessing Display Screen Equipment usage or advising personnel on the avoidance of DSE related injuries.

Course Objectives:

Employers are required to carry out risk assessments for individual employees who use a computer for the majority of their work.  We will show you ways to comply with the law, be proactive in indentifying situations that may cause harm and enable staff to be in control of their workstations.

Course Content:

  • The legal requirements relating to the use of DSE
  • How to carry out a DSE assessment using forms provided or companies own forms
  • Practical assessments of workstations, ergonomics and the work environment
  • How the poor/incorrect use of DSE can cause harm
  • How to advise staff on the reduction of health related problems with the use of DSE
  • Special consideration: physical disability, pregnancy or wheelchair use

Duration: Half day

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