Effective Business Report Writing

Course Overview:

The key to achieving the desired results with your report is planning.  A report is not simply a case of accumulating data, but assessing and evaluating that information, enabling you to construct an effective document, which will grab the attention of its intended recipient and achieve the intended results.

Course Objectives:
•    Understood the need for planning and preparation before writing the report
•    Increased their confidence in structuring a report
•    Practiced writing effective summaries
•    Recognised the importance of layout within their document
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    The reasons for writing a report
•    Preparing a report
      -   Structure
      -   Objectives
•    Writing a report
      -   The stages of report writing
      -   Creativity
•    Readability
•    The design of a report
      -    Layout & style
•    Creating an impression
      -    Informing and persuading
•    Review
•    Personal Action Plan
Duration: One Day

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