Chairing & Facilitating Meetings

Course Overview:

The overall aim of this course is to give delegates the confidence to run meetings effectively. It is suitable for people who are new to chairing meetings and to experienced chairpersons who want to review their styles.

Course Objectives:

•    Why it is important to run meetings effectively
•    The role and tasks of the chairperson
•    How to set up and organise meetings
•    How to plan the meeting so that it achieves its purpose on time
•    Why team work with the minute taker is essential
•    How to create a positive atmosphere in meetings
•    Ways to deal with difficult people in meetings and gain their co-operation

Course Content:

•    The purpose of meetings
•    The role of the chairperson
•    The importance of the agenda
•    Working with the minute taker
•    Creating the right image
•    Controlling meetings
•    Case study one: Chairing a team meeting
•    Case study two: Chairing a special meeting
•    Case study three: Dealing with difficult behaviour in meetings
•    Review of the day
•    Course evaluation

Duration: One Day

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