Advanced Telesales

Course Overview:

The telephone is becoming more and more widely accepted as a sales tool, particularly when telecommunications are used as part of a mix of sales distribution channels. This means that to be successful, your telesales people have got to be better than those of your competitors’! This course will give your telesales staff an edge. They will come across as professional and business like, and their calls, whether inbound or outbound, will get results.

Intended for all sales people in your business whose role is to promote your product or service via the telephone.

The course will concentrate on building on existing skills, enabling the delegate to develop techniques for presenting your product/service in a way which will appeal to specific customer groups; knock out the competition; close the sale and lead to further new business opportunities.

Course Objectives:

•    Refresh the key skills in effective voice to voice communication
•    Identify the ideal prospect, and the “suspect” you don’t waste time with
•    Use  their communication skills to present the benefits of your product/service to influence different types of customer to buy from you rather than your competitors
•    Match their telephone style with that of the client to gain rapport
•    Practice advanced questioning and listening techniques
•    Recognise and handle typical objections
•    Practice different techniques for closing the sale
•    Use different techniques to ask for referrals
•    Plan to obtain repeat business form new customers
•    Manage a diary system for dealing with inbound and outbound calls, and admin
•    Develop a personal action plan

Duration: One Day

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