Accelerated Learning

Course Overview:

Work performance and self-confidence in life can be vastly improved by learning a technique to improve your memory and other accelerated learning skills.

Memory techniques include remembering lists, names, faces, facts, statistics, verse, poems, book, newspaper articles, appointments, dates, numbers, places, languages, song lyrics, acting scripts, daily events and of course great ideas. A great memory is a powerful asset but then when you incorporate Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Visualisation techniques it will give you some impressive benefits.

Course Objectives:

  • By the end of the day the delegates will be able to
  • Gain confidence in their learning ability
  • Improve their reading speed
  • Learn a new and faster way of  planning and presenting
  • Increased levels of assertiveness, courage and confidence
  • Strengthen business relationships and grow your network
  • Create and communicate a personal and business vision
  • Develop more effective leadership abilities
  • Embrace, not fear, change
  • Inspired to want to keep learning and even take on new subjects

Course Content:

·        Introductions

·        The Brain

·        Speed reading

·        Mind mapping

·        Memory techniques

·        Visualisation

·        Presentation (team work)

·        Repeat, retain and remember


One Day

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