Turning Policy into Procedure

Course Overview:

Depending on the outcome of initial pre-course objectives, this workshop is likely to be a two-day course. The style of the training will be exploratory and interactive. Additionally, delegates will be given time during the course to examine their own policies and to transfer some of their learning into practice

Course Content:

•    Why organizations create procedures
•    Who benefits from effective procedures
•    What problems occur if procedures are not effective
•    Looking at example procedures (from Estuary and other organisations)
•    Summarising information
•    Following the guidelines for ‘clear’ English
•    Creating a house ‘style’
•    Difficulties experienced with creating procedures
•    Strategies for overcoming difficulties and additional ‘Tools’ to assist the process, for example:
      - Problem solving
      - Time Management/Project Management
      - Motivation to achieve the task
      - Goal Setting


Two Days

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