Selection Interviewing Techniques

Course Overview:

This course helps take the gamble out of the selection process, showing you how to select a candidate who is suitable for the job while avoiding two major errors – choosing the wrong person and failing to spot the right person. Interviewing is part of the recruitment and selection process, the key word being selection. The important thing is being able to select the right person. You will learn key techniques for matching personal profiles and applicants, and the essential skills of interviewing.

Course Objectives:

•    Recognised the benefits in making sound selection decisions
•    Practiced setting selection criteria
•    Practiced listening & questioning techniques
•    Examined an effective decision making model
•    Discussed the behavioural skills of an effective interviewer
•    Demonstrated their ability to structure a selection interview
•    Carried out at least one observed interview
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Introduction to Recruitment
      -    What is the recruitment process?
      -    Risks involved on poor decisions
•    The tools of recruitment
      -    Job Description & Personal Profile
      -    CV & Interview Report
•    Planning the interview
      -    Sources of recruitment i.e. advertising, agencies
      -    Structuring the interview
•    The Skills of Interviewing
      -    Building rapport
      -    Listening & Questioning techniques
•    The psychology of the interview
      -    Prejudice, bias & the halo effect
      -    Maintaining objectivity
•    Making the decision
      -    Assessing the information
      -    Using essential & desirable criteria
      -    Recording the decision
•    Selection & the law
      -    Sex Discrimination
      -    Race Relations
      -    Rehabilitation of offenders
      -    Disabled Person
•    Follow up assessments & references
•    Personal Development Plans


One Day

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