Performance Appraisal Interviewing

Course Overview:

Performance appraisal is the foundation stone in establishing a shared understanding of what has to be achieved with your company in assisting team leaders to manage and develop individuals.

Course Objectives:

•    Understood the need for a formalised system of performance appraisal
•    Demonstrated an understanding of what is involved in the performance system
•    Developed the skills and linking objectives to performance
•    Practised giving and receiving feedback
•    Identified how to deal with poor performance
•    Understood the need and the means of creating an environment in which staff can give their optimum performance.
•    Practised the setting of development targets and grasped the ethos of the ongoing management performance

Course Content:

•    Introductions
      - Course objectives
      - Previous experience of appraisals
      - Staff’s expectations
•    Why carry out appraisals?
      - The benefits and the difficulties
      - The link between development appraisals and performance
      - Management
•    Preparing for an appraisal
      - What does the appraiser need to prepare
      - What does the staff member need to prepare
•    The essential skills
      - Active listening
      - Blocks and barriers
      - Questioning
      - Summarising to agreement
      - Giving and receiving feedback
•    Staying in control
      - Planning the interview
      - Preparing questions
      - Structuring the interview
      - Using the documentation
•    Dealing with performance shortfalls
      - Defining and recording training and development needs
      - Linking objectives into performance
      - Agreeing behavioural objectives
•    Conducting the interview
      - Role play exercises
•    Managing performance between appraisals
      - The appraisal review exceptions reporting


One Day

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