Moving Forward after Redundancy

Course Overview:

Job loss or early retirement can be an exciting or a worrying time. Who knows what the future will bring?

There is a way to move forward and this workshop will help provide the confidence, skills and guidance to face the future by building on the past and taking valuable experience into the future.

Course Objectives:

•    Recognised the strengths and skills they have to offer
•    Increased confidence in themselves and their future
•    Knowledge of how to plan and organise a successful job search
•    Practised applying for jobs and preparing themselves for interview
•    Developed a personal action plan

Course Content:

•    Making a start
      - Identifying your experience and skills
      - Qualities and strengths
      - Transferable skills
•    Putting things together – your personal profile
      - Letter writing and analysing advertisements
      - CVs and application forms
•    Your job search
     - Different ways to find the job you want
     - Telephone skills
•    Preparing for interview
      - Preparing yourself
      - Practising your interview
•    Starting a new job
•    Development of a personal action plan

Duration: One Day

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