Equal Opportunities

Course Overview:

This one day course is designed to raise understanding of the main issues surrounding equal opportunities and will help people to consider their own views. All employees have a personal responsibility to uphold the principles and policies of equal opportunity. Lateral-thinking exercises, interactive examples will challenge participants’ attitudes, views and preconceptions.

In our everyday lives, there are people facing discrimination and prejudice merely because they are different in some way from the majority. These differences may be the color of someone’s skin, ethnic origin, their sexual orientation, their gender, their religion or they may have some kind of disability.

Course Objectives:

•    Perception and stereotyping
•    The need for Equal Opportunities Legislation
•    The legal aspects of equal opportunities
•    The benefits of a good equal opportunities practice to a business
•    How to prevent harassment in the workplace
•    The role of equal opportunities within the interviewing progress

Course Content:

•    Harassment
•    Behaviour considered to be harassment to equal opportunities for all
•    The commitment of employers to equal opportunities for all
•    Discrimination practices
•    Actions taken to counter discrimination


One Day

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