Unlocking the Power of the Media

Course Overview:

The course offers an insight into how the media works and how individuals, firms and organisations can use it to get their message across.

It will teach you everything you need to know about how to get a message across in the most effective way to as wide as possible an audience through TV news, radio, websites and newspapers – both local and national.

With the huge growth in media in recent years, it has never been more important for those dealing with the press to receive specialist training in presentation skills.

This course is ideal for those whose work puts them in a position where they might have to talk to the media – whether it is publicising good news or carrying out ‘damage limitation’ to control the bad news.

Course Objectives:

·         Have a clear insight into what the media wants, what stories are of interest and how journalists, broadcasters and photographers work.

·         Know how to develop good relationships and work closely with reporters and editors by giving them the information they want while projecting the message you want to get across – and ensuring they return.

·         Develop confidence building skills in handling a crisis and how to deal with the ‘press pack’ when it descends on you and is demanding immediate answers.

·         Know how to keep the press on your side and get maximum advantage out of giving an interview by being in control.

·         Remember the importance of your message and not being side tracked off the point, advertising the facts in a logical way and using ‘sound bites’ to get a message across on TV, radio and in print.

Course Content:

·         Facts and Fiction

·         Developing relationships with media

·         Preparing for an interview

·         Interview techniques

·         Feedback and comments


One day

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