Senior Management Development Further Development

Course Overview:

Today’s Senior Managers must be conscious of a variety of techniques and best practices to ensure their continued effectiveness. This course will assist them to achieve results and contribute effectively to their organisation’s success. It is a practical, relevant and developmental course using examples of management theories and practices.

Course Objectives:

·           Understood the importance of good communication

·           Developed their interpersonal skills to deliver successful communication

·           Recognised the importance of non verbal communication

·           Ensured that messages are sent and received in an appropriate manner

·           Learnt how to adapt to different styles to improve their personal effectiveness and build relationships

Course Content:

·             Developing your Personal Style and Effectiveness

-      Successful communication

-      The essential skills

-      Behaviour styles

-      Persuading and influencing

-      Relationship strategies

-      Communicating at different levels

·             Reducing Stress and Improving Personal Organisation

-      Clarifying your job role

-      Management styles and adapting to needs

-      The effects of poor time management

-      The power of planning

-      Problem ownership

-      Making effective decisions

-      Successful delegation

·            Reducing Stress and Improving Personal Organisation


Two Days

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