Senior Management

Course Overview:

This course will help Managers to achieve results and contribute effectively to their organisation.  It is a practical, relevant and developmental course using examples of management theories and practices.

Course Objectives:

·         Understand the importance of good management skills

·         Understand how to manage performance and maintain required standards

·         Identify areas for improvement

·         Adapt their management style according to the situation

·         Learn how to emphasise and work with others’ motivations

·         Create an action plan for self development

Course Content:

·        Leadership Styles

-   Introduction to different leadership styles

-   How to apply according to the situation

-  The consequences of using the wrong style

·        Grievance & Discipline

-   The importance of grievance and discipline awareness

-  The steps to take

-  How to avoid disciplinary action

·        Motivation & Delegation

-  Understanding and applying motivational theories

-  Introduction to the concept of values

-  Identification of own and others’ motivational drivers

·        Constructive Feedback

-   Giving and receiving feedback

-   How to maintain motivation

-   How to handle negative reactions

·        Staff Development

-     The difference between training, coaching and counselling

-     How to provide training

-     Coaching to build success

-     Counselling to address problems

·         Develop a personal action plan


Two Days

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