Finance for the Non Financial Manager

Course Overview: This course is designed to remove mystery from the world of finance. Delegates are taught how to understand and interpret financial statements and to apply practically key accounting concepts including profits and cash. They are also introduced to a number of important financial management tools and advised on how to avoid many of the common financial pitfalls

Course Objectives:

  • Understood accounts language
  • Practised reading balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements
  • Developed awareness of management accounts
  • Examined working with budgets

Course Content:

  • The language of accounts
  • Reading and understanding the balance sheets
  • Reading and understanding profit and loss accounts
  • Reading and understanding cash flow statements
  • Using ratios to understand the message
  • How to read accounts
  • Budgets
  • How to write budgets
  • How to use a budget
  • Cost accounting
  • Cost saving opportunities

Duration: One Day

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